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The consumer movement in India is still to grow. A large number of Indian populations especially living in rural areas are either poor or illiterate and are not aware of conscious of their rights or the provision of the Act. It is well known that the consumer belongs to rich class or living in the urban areas take at most advantage of the Act. While the consumers living in rural areas of which the majority are illiterates and below poverty line, lag behind for want of proper consumer education and sensitization. Due to ignorant and lack of sensitization the large number of consumers are suffer and cheated.

Keeping the above fact in the consumes field Bhairabi Club in collaboration with Govt. of Orissa, Department of Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Welfare Implement the consumer awareness programme in Khordha Block. The Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department was kind sanctioned the Grant-in-aid during the year 2006-07. This organisation organizes five awareness camps in Narangarh, Orabarsingh, Golabai, Kanpur & Godipada Gram Panchayats of Khurda Block. About 485 Self Help Group member, PRI members, General public and School Teachers, Advocate and Social Worker to discuss and disseminate different approaches, issue and legal provision for consumer right.


With financial assistance from District Civil Supply Section, Khurda this organisation organize & exhibition and adulteration detection camp during World Consumer Rights Day-2008 in Narangarh, Dhaulimuhan, Brajamohanpur, Nijigarh Tapang, Bajapur & Kaipadar Gram Panchayat of Khurda Block from 24th to 28th March 2008. About 420 SHG & PRI members were sensitize by this programme.


In association with Govt. of Orissa, Food, Civil Supply & Consumer Welfare Department this organisation observe the Consumer Rights Day from 15th to 17th March 2008 at Jaydev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar. For this purpose this organisation participated in Workshop cum Exhibition on the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day and dissemination of information to general public.



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