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» Vocational Training Centre for the Handicapped


Education which does not mould character is absolutely worthless. Proper education generates moral capacity in Human beings. Now-a-days General Education has created insufficient technical hand in world scene. So Govt. is taking to develop the Educational curriculum by improvising the Vocational Training & Technical Education India. BHAIRABI CLUB also taking keen interest for the Disable welfare. So a  unit of Vocational Training Centre has been set up with the grant-in-aid of Govt. of India.  Now-a-days unemployment is a hypertension in society. Vocational Training helps to make self reliant, Independent, Earning worthy, Keep healthy mind to the Handicapped students keeping in such a view, the project launched in local area.  As per the report 10 % of the total population are disabled.  0.5 % of them got opportunity to continue their study in Special Schools.  This “INVISIBLE” population has own right to take every share from the Govt. according to PWD Act, but the PWD Act 1980 remains undone yet. 


The Vocational Training Centre for the Handicapped has established at Kurumpada Po- Hadapada Dist- Khurda on 1st February 1999. Presently the Training Centre runs at Konark Nagar, Khurda.  The centre provides training need of 60 persons with disabilities in the trades of Computer, General Receptionist & Tailoring-cum-Applique, The Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment has provided the financial assistance regularly for smooth management of the same project.  

Vocational Training has Three  wings as follows:


Academic qualification without professional & Technical education seems Bird without wing. Professional Educational like Computer has a vital importance not only in India but also outside India.  Computer Education is being taught in Vocational Training Centre for the Handicapped. Govt. of India recommended to teach DTP & Data Processing in Computer Training to our Organisation. The Course of studies for the concerned trade are - Computer Fundamentals, Ms-DOS (Disk Operating System), Ms-Windows 95/98, Programming in FOXPRO, Ms-Office-2000 (Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-PowerPoint, Ms-Access), Page Maker, Corel Draw, Photoshop Ileap, Sreelipi & Instant Artist & Project Work on Public Office Administration.   To teach better a senior instructor is appointed. One academic Counsellor is appointed for counselling and rehabilitation of the trainees and one peon-cum-Chowkidar is also been appointed in the project.

Seminars really inspire the real potentiality of the students to come forward to develop their knowledge and hope.  So the Instructors have arranged weekly seminars for the students.


Reception is the mirror of every office. In this trade trainees are learning about the operation of Electronic Typewrite, Fax operating, Official practice, General English, Noting & Drafting and Secretarial Practice to make office work and management more convenient. Besides these courses Spoken English course  has already offered  to help the student to develop their fluency in speaking . 

For the smooth management a Vocational Instructor has been appointed. Weekly follow up and practical test made the students acquiring better knowledge. 


Tailoring and Applique (Patch work) has a very good market demand presently in our country.  Especially patchwork has special demand in outside India. This trade creates self-confidence among the disable Trainee. After completing this Training they depend upon none.  Independently they start their tailoring & patchwork investing small amount of money. The practical test was conducted in presence of IPO, Khurda. The marketing of the unfinished products, this organisation has already tie-up with the local markets.  

The vocational training unit for the disabled is managed under administrative control of the project administrative unit. A vocational Instructor is appointed for same. 


A advertisement and campaigning is the key process to observe about something properly.  BHAIRABI has a very good reputation in the field of Disability in Orissa Especially we are working for the upliftment of the persons with disabilities, still then we sent advertisement to Oriya Daily News paper for proper sense of Observation among the society. Posters and leaflets are property pasted at Public Institutions, Public Working Places like Hospital, DRC, VRC, Museum, Building, BBSR, Bus Stand and Railway Station & Railway Trains, Bank near by. 


Counselling is a important part of VTC, Handicapped Project.  Some parents are  unaware about Training Programme undertaken by Govt.  of India, through NGOs.  They are very conservative sort in nature, so they are uninterested to allow their Persons With Disabilities children into any Vocational Training Centre,  the value & facilities of this kind training is not known to them.  By  proper counselling the guardians or Parents, they come forward to join their Persons With Disabilities children in the centres.  There are mainly 4 types counselling we adopt for the purpose.

i.         Individual counselling

ii.        Group counselling

iii.       Family counselling

iv.       Legal counselling

Before Individual counseling, it is required to counsel the family and parents, otherwise they don’t let the Disabled children to take admission in to such training courses.  It is observed that 1st time counseling is not the adequate dose for the parents and family member, so regular follow up counseling achieves the goal.  For above purpose a part-time counselor has been appointed in the project.


Indian Educational Curriculum yet based on lord Macole, England. Before India’s Independence the English people realized the necessity of clerical hand in India because it was expensive a lot to import them from England.

So, the technical education and vocational training has been neglected such a way that the qualitative Development of education is least in India.

BHAIRABI a leading NGO of Khordha District come forward to work in the field of disability for the better education through vocational training.

The main aim & objective is to establish a balanced and classless society where the “INVISIBLE” population strengthened, independent and earning worthy by this training programme.


During the year 2007-08, 89 applications has pocketed by us for  admission.  Applicants interested to take admission from different districts of Orissa i.e. Ganjam, Gajapati, Jagatsinghpur, Cuttack, Puri, Jajpur, Khordha, Sonepur, Kendrapada, Sundargarh, Nayagarh, Jharsuguda.  


 The admission of the applicants is done by the Govt. Procedure. Besides the selection committee of the organisation we request the DSWO, IPO-Khordha to present in the scheduled date  & time of interview for proper judgement of the selection. Selection the committee & Management keep a sharp eye upon  the Economical status, educational back ground & disability percentage of the persons with disabilities.


Irrespective of caste, creed and religion we welcome to take admission in four trades i.e. Computer, Gen. Receptionist, Tailoring & Applique within the age group of 15 to 35 PWDs during the year 2007-08. 


The day scholars are given only 150/- (one hundred fifty rupees only).as stipend by the Govt. of India.  The stipend is least too for the disables. The organisation provides boarding & lodging facilities for the trainees those who come from longest distance and outside district.  


Most of the students are belong to BPL family & their annual income is very low that they unable to purchase computer books, English grammar, Noting, and Drafting,, Electronic Typewriting Books. So Vocational Training Centre has a Library to help teaching and learning of the differently abled students.  Teaching learning materials are issued for better teaching of students. This facility is totally free of cost for every continue students of the centre.  


During last three years of Training 58 disabled are rehabilitated.  Out of them 28 Persons With Disabilities are self employed  & 30 are placed in Govt. undertaking, Pvt. Ltd, Private Agencies.  


(a) International Disable Day,   (b) Teacher’s Day,   c)  Children’s Day,   (d)  Biswakarma Puja,            (e)  Ganesh & Saraswati Puja


Abilympics is very good competition among the differently abled students. This competition creates a very good opportunity to take part in nationally and internationally. Two differently abled students took part in the following competitions and two of them able to take part in International Abylympics at Japan during the year 2007-08.  

Name of the participant               Name of the Event       position held

Balaraj Pratap Narendrajitsingh       P. C Assembly                        3rd

Pradeep Kr. Swain                          Text Processing                       3rd 

Mr. Balaraj Pratap Narendrajitsingh & Mr. Pradeep Kumar Swain selected to take part in International Abilympics at Japan as participants from India



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