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As the year passes on we roll to the front to the more in steady steps each and every times the socioeconomic scenario is gradually changing in its dimension and strength. Accordingly the times and life style are changing, the traditional support systems are wilting under the pressures of modern individualistic social system and the support system for the elderly are dwindling. Thus the elderly care needs to be looked as a comprehensive socio-psycho-medico issue and needs an intervention designed to address the older persons as such.

in view of the withering away of social support structure the dedicated professionals of Bhairabi Club was take initiatives and set up an Old Age Home (Ashakiran) at Narangarh and a Day Care Centre (Snehasadan) at Kurumpada in Khurda district of Orissa.

 OLD AGE HOME (Asha Kiran):-

With financial support of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India this organisation established on Old Age Home (Ashakiran) at Narangarh in Khurda district during the year 1991-92. The home is eatering the service need of 25 older persons. Boarding, Cadsing, Cloth, Soap, Oil and Medicine are supply in free of cost. the love and compassionate care was maintained in the home.


At/ PO – Narangarh,  Dist – Khordha, Orissa – 752 018 (Beside the road to Narangarh Bazar)

It stands beside the main road to Narangarh Bazar and Tapang Railway Station and 2 kms. distance from Malipada Bus Stop on N.H.-5

AIM :-

  • To provide them full medicinal help.
  • To make them aware self help care among them and to know them about their frozen health.
  • Participation of elderly people in every work of project.
  • To maintain good network with the kith and kins while living in the asylum.
  • To draw everybody’s attention that living in asylum is not heinous but prestigious.
  • To provide identity and integrity to the helpless elderly.
  • Reformation of society and reconstruction of family.

Peaceful living in the society having friendly elderly living at their homes.


            The objective of Asha Kiran is to create a status of comfort living of older person in the society. We rather accept poor or rich when the older persons feel suffocated we take it as the part of our challenging work. Smile and self confidence of the godly people upon the life is our objective it is as follows :- 

  • To resettle within the family.
  • To eradicate misunderstanding among the family members over the geriatric care issue.
  • To provide medical care to the needy elders.
  • To promote legal help of any kind.
  • To create professional group among the aged.
  • Nutritional support & physiotherapy.
  • Awareness campaign of the care of elderly.

Residential support to needy persons of economical backwardness.


-         Identification by network.

-         Analysis of risk factions.

-         Admission and case history recording.

-         Medical check up.

-         To know them about code of conduct of the home.


            Get up                       -           5 A.M.

            Breakfast                   -           7.30 a.m 

            Lunch                        -           12  O’ Noon

            Afternoon Tea            -           4.30 P.M.

            Evening Prayer           -           7 P.M.

            Dinner                      -           8.30 P.M.


During this year the inmates of the home were visited the holy place of Kantilo Nilamadhab on 20th September 2007 and visited Konark & Puri on 25th December 2007.

In addition to the above the inmate were visited the local temples regularly on the occasion of observation of hapy day i.e. Maha Sibaratri, Kartika Purnima, Durga Puja and Local festivals during the Dola Parva etc.


Apart from the religious programmes a T.V. and Radio have been provided. Excluding this items we are showing films by video. They are allowed to attend to any fair, Opera and Mahoschhaba in invitation under our custody. Under leisure time they are playing cards and reading newspapers. Every activities are regulated by routine work.


As per the instruction of the doctor everybody are bound to obey all the norms and restriction. Periodical routine check up on Saturday/ Sunday all the geriatric problems are controlled here.


Government has been consistently implementing various schemes for the welfare of older persons at the same time growth rate of older persons has became steady rise and in other hand generation gap, isolation and security is felt among the older persons. Now it became social challenge both for Govt. and Non-govt. organisation.

To sensitize the General Public at large among the rural community about their duties, responsibility towards their parents and honour the older persons of our society Bhairabi Club observe the International Day of Elderly on 1st October 2007 at the campus of Bhairabi Club and educate the older persons about the Govt. Polices, Schemes and Privilleges local Sarapanch of Narangarh Gram Panchayat of Panchayat Samiti Representative of Narangarh Gram Panchayat, President and Secretary of the organisation. In this occasion this organisation honoured to three older persons with Shawal. About 150 older persons of Old Age Home, Day Care Centre, Leprosy Home and General Public were participated the programmes.


Management of the Aged is very complicated chapter. It always keeps linkages with the surrounding within the peripheral changes. So only for the sound management the project we always emphasize on day-to-day minute changes and its effectiveness of human behaviour. For the purpose our centre pays it’s enough of attention displaying all the vital information’s for the knowledge of beneficiaries. Through the personal management guidelines developed by the centre every things is going on smoothly. For the miraculous results enough changes on budgetary items and staffing pattern altogether should be changed. Hence we request to the Govt. of India to provide more boost to long running Old Age Homes having brighter activities in the past. In every respect frequent inspection is always congratulated.


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