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One Day Care Centre was established at Kurumpada during the year 1993-94. The centre provides the services to 150 identified older persons who are neglected by their family, family under below poverty line and need geriatric health care services. Out of then the services were provided to male 81, female 69 older persons regularly. Free Boarding, Refreshment, Recreational; Medical Services are available for older persons. A part time Doctor also visited the centre for the provision of geriatric services.

AIM  :-

To provide the beneficiaries a minimum standard of care and services by complete entertained atmosphere. That is why they can have no problems during habitation in the family. Our process is to develop a complete self-caring attitude and provision of supliment all the necessity schemes under age care programming.

The centre always puts its emphasis to procure moral support, nutritional support and minimum health care services to be economical weaker aged persons. Aim is to improve their follow up standard.


It is located at Kurumpada. Its capacity range of performances is extended within the Narangarh G.P. The centre is prominently stands in the centre point of population wanted and desired.


During the year 4 (four) older persons were admitted and 4 (four) older persons were drop out.


Each and every year we make survey in the existence G.P. Narangarh by the centre under the leadership of the Project Co-ordinator of the project to prepare the list of suffered aged persons mostly needed mental help care and nutritional support. After counselling they are brought into the centre for registration. Then all about the norms and guidelines they are intimated. They skill and dexterity is calculated. Then too much of impact and emphasizement focused on them to get a flow of interest from their hearts in to functioning in confident and smile of living. It is their will and interest as like as no burden and no problems.

 First the beneficiaries are selected from the economical weaker level within the Narangarh G.P. and phase by phase they are  invited to the centre to know their exact problem of living in their homes. Then it is tried for ratification through counselling and other facilities provided here.


The Target group of the Day Care Centre is the older person above 60+. The priority will be given to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe. Any persons of working community either male or female are opted to the centre to provide Sneha or Kindliness i.e. completely in the family.


Group Work  - Picnic, Plantation

Religious Work – Nam Sankirttan, Puran Pathan, Prayer.

Vocational Work – Music, Dance, Story Telling  .

Medicine and Treatment Work – Medicines are given for general illness.

Individual Level Work – Involvement in kitchen work and compound clearing  .


            Light manual work like as follows –

-      Gardening and plantation

-      Feast and collateral discussion 


Due to less allotment of funds and small hours in the centre we only train and teach them about envolope making, gardening, room cleaning, cleaning of health and clothing, quality of harvesting etc. We have marked that some of them broadly come forward to clean the campous and take care of the garden. We provide them some positive steps of vocational interest and then work. All the works are part of the mental engagement and creativeness building.


For the recreation of the older persons the centre provides TV, Radio, Carrum, Luddo etc. The Local News paper like Sambad, Samay, Dharitri to promote reading habit and to know the current affairs of our country. The Holy books like Ramayan, Srimad Bhagabat etc are given for spiritual discussion.


During the leisure hour in the centre maximum opportunity is created to share their personal feellings and ideologies. Here they seen very beautiful songs of morden & mythological. They also play their personnal musical sets (Khanjani, Kendera, Flute). In this design one of the best product is Sankar Bhoi, He is the Actor, Singer, Commedian, and Musician at a stretch. He is role model of our centre. They also play Cards and read Oriya News Papers.


-         Attendance and Prayer                              10 a.m.

-         Tea                                                        10.30 a.m.

-         Counseling and medical checkup                  11.00 a.m.

-         Lunch                                                     12.00 noon

-         Entertainment hour (TV, News paper etc.)     1.30 to 3.00 p.m.

-         Productive hour                                         3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

-         Afternoon tea                                           4 p.m.

-         Religious discussion and Prayer                     4 p.m. to 5 p.m. 


During this year the older persons were visited the holly place Sidha Bhairabi & Taptapani.


Government has been consistently implementing various schemes for the welfare of older persons at the same time growth rate of older persons has became steady rise and in other hand generation gap, isolation and security is felt among the older persons. Now it became social challenge both for Govt. and Non-govt. organisation.

To sensitize the General Public at large among the rural community about their duties, responsibility towards their parents and honour the older persons of our society Bhairabi Club observe the International Day of Elderly on 1st October 2007 at the campus of Bhairabi Club and educate the older persons about the Govt. Polices, Schemes and Privilleges local Sarapanch of Narangarh Gram Panchayat of Panchayat Samiti Representative of Narangarh Gram Panchayat, President and Secretary of the organisation. In this occasion this organisation honoured to three older persons with Shawal. About 150 older persons of Old Age Home, Day Care Centre, Leprosy Home and General Public were participated the programmes.




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