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A society where the persons with disabilities maintain their life independently and realize their full potential and participation in societies, which respect people’s rights & dignity.




Initiating multidisciplinary team approach and action programme empowering, integrating and rehabilitate the children with disabilities in educationally, socially, culturally and vocationally in the society.




Providing ample opportunities towards empowering and integrating, the children with disabilities will live as a productive citizens with dignity and full participation.



Bhairabi Special School for the Multiple Handicapped was established   since  1st March 1995.   This school offers educational facilities from Pre-Primary to Vocational for intellectual challenged and Preparatory to Standard-VIII for hearing & visually impaired children. Since its inception 231 children with special Needs were enrolled. In addition to the general and special education the children are put to action through various activities to promote humanism, encourage character building, creativity, vocational training and other component of life through physical activities.

Apart from classroom teaching the children were taught about the components of Daily living activities, Morning Assembly, Evening Prayer, Art & Craft, Song & Music, Yoga & Physical Exercise, Pre-vocational & Vocational Training, Kitchen Gardening etc. The children of this Special School participate in various state and national level sports & meets, cultural programmes.


This School is located at Kurumpada, PO-Hadapada, Orissa which 6 k.ms. away from National High Way-No. 5 (Malipada) & 2 k.ms. away from the Tapang Railway Station.


»    To identify and rehabilitate the Persons with Disabilities.

»    To organised identification and awareness camps for the Persons with Disabilities

»    To provide special education services, speech and audiology services, auditory training, mobility training, physiotherapy, yoga & exercise therapy, art and craft training, song, music and dance therapy, prevocational training and supply of aids and appliance to the Persons with Disabilities.

»    To establish early identification centre for the Persons with Disabilities.

»     To provide home based training programme to persons with disabilities those who are severely affected and unable to avail any type of services

»    To establish vocational unit for the vocational group students. To organised different programme viz Vikalang Bandhu, shelter workshop, Half way home, workshop and seminar, reach and relief scheme, CBR programme with the financial assistance of Govt. of India/National Trust and National Institution.


As on 31st March 2008, the roll strength of the differently abled children was 70 out of them 28 Intellectual Disabilities, 21 Visually Impairment, 21 Hearing Impairment were on roll. During the year under report MR-6, VH-5, HI-4 and 9 students were dropout. Since its inception totally 231 differently abled students were enrolled in school.


I)       Integrated/ Inclusive Education  :-

Remove attitudinal barrier from the society towards persons with disabilities orientation training was organised for schoolteachers. The institution has taken steps to integrated the special needs children in to the mainstreams school through by placing of special needs children in to mainstream school and by organizing co-curricular activities. The details are given below.

Inclusive Education through special school (Co-curricular activities)         - 70

ii.      Special Education Services  :-

         Special education taken key rose for the education of the special needs children. During the year this institution rendering special education services to 28 nos. of  Mentally Challenge  21 nos. of Hearing & Speech Impaired  and   21 nos. of Visually Impaired Children.

iii.     Speech Pathology Services  :-

Communication problems in children with special needs and Hearing Impairment and children with intellectually challenged are very common. The special teacher and ENT Specialist of the institution provide language & auditory training to the children with hearing & speech impairment and speech problem children of Mentally retarded regularly.

Speech & Hearing Impairment – 21

Mentally Challenged – 05

iv.        Behaviour Modification :-

It has been seen that the persons with disabilities have some problem behaviour like disobedience, aggressiveness, attention span, head banging, biting, self-excessive crying and other problematic behaviour. During the teaching in the class the special teacher identify their problem behaviour and were making detailed assessment for finding of frequency & severity of the behaviour. By using of ABC analysis the remedial measure were taken for management of the behaviour was 6 children were benefited from this programme till date.

v.         Physiotherapy Services :-

The children with mentally challenged and cerebral palsy having associated handicapped condition and needed to develop motor skills for standing, walking movement and correction postural defects. Though the physiotherapist have not available the special teacher (MR) were taken the physiotherapy class.

vi.        Mobility Services :-

Mobility training is very essential for the visually impaired children to acquainted in different place, Road Crossing, Shore line of the Road, Land Mark, the Market place, Railway Station & Bus Stand, ascending and descending of the Road. During this year mobility training were given to 07 visually impaired children. 

vii.       Pre-Vocational Training :-

Pre-vocational training is a part of total rehabilitation programme. It is an important phase of training between school programmes to vocational training programme. Prevocational training helps in developing the individual personality of the persons with disabilities from being a student to a worker.

 Keeping view in the above fact this institution provide prevocational training to the persons with disabilities who have 14 and above age. During this year 4 Mental Retarded Children & 3 Hearing Impaired children were provide prevocational training.

viii.      Independent Training :-

Vocational training and placement of persons with disabilities take an import place for socio-economic rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities. The vocational training is badly necessary for the persons with disabilities, which help them for in calculating self-confidence, self reliant in building of independent living carrier. During this year 6 mentally challenged, were trained in Candle Making, Thunga Making and Gardening.

ix.        Parent Training Programme :-

Role of teachers, Parents, Professionals and Community at large are very crucial for the rehabilitation of the children with disabilities. The Institute conducted 2 Training Programme in a year regularly. The involvements of parents are very essential to grow the children with disabilities into productive adults. In school education programme parental Involvement helps the children to learn more. They need to be equipped with information regarding the nature, early identification, prevention of disabilities and strategies at intervention, social benefits available for the rehabilitation at the children with disabilities.


Co-curricular activities such as games, sports, art and craft and song and music are part and parcel of any educational system. Education means for the development of students physically, mentally and morally. A sound body contains sound mind. If a child is weak the mind can’t be strong. A sick child can’t have healthy mind. Hence games, sports, art and craft and cultural activities are necessary for education.


Song, Music and Dance were the regular routine programme of the Institute. It is a vocation to rehabilitate the visually impaired children in to mainstream. The song & music service were provided to children with visually impaired and mentally challenged thrice in a week. During this year the student of this institution participated in the state level song & music competition on the eve of observation of International Day for the Disabled.


Co-curricular activities such as games, sports, art and craft, song and music are part and parcel of any educational system. Education means for the development of students physically, mentally and morally. A sound body contains sound mind. So the institution has taken steps to explore the inner potential of the special needs children and integrated in the mainstream of society. So this organisation encourage the special needs to participate the International, National & State games and other meets organised time to time. In this connection this organisation keep linkage with special Olympics Bharat and Asia Pacific Inter National organisation.


9 children with disabilities participated in the State Level Sports Meet during the observation of International Day for the disabled 2007 at Exhibition Ground from 2nd & 3rd December 2007 and bagged 2 prizes.


The Visually, Hearing Impairment student and Mentally Challenged student of this institute participated the District Level Sports Meet on 29-30 November, 2007 at Khordha Stadium & District Culture Building. The students of this institution received the Runners Shield in March Past Parade. Rasmiranjan Mohanty was felicitied by the District Administration for his out standing performance in Special Olympics World Games – 2007 At Sanghai, China


Physical Education is important for the health and well being of people of all ages. It is enjoyable, builds self-confidence and improves ones health & fitness. The students with disabilities also need experience of physical activity to improve their fitness levels by participating in various games, activities and exercise. Because most of the children with disabilities have developed poor circulation, limited long capacity, poor muscle tone, poor posture and a tendency to become over weight. By Yogasan, Pranayam and Physical exercise. The muscle tone and health and fitness of the children with disabilities would be improved. It can also help to perform the speech.

Keeping in view the above fact in the mind Yoga teacher have appointed to provide Yoga & Physical exercise. The services were provided to all 70 children’s.


In collaboration with Women & Child Development Department and District Social Welfare Section of Khordha District observe the international day for the Disabled 2007 at State and District Level. In State Level the observation ceremony was held from 1st-3rd December 2007 and the programme was observed for two days. The honorable Chief Minister, Minister of Women Child Deptt., Commissioner cum Secretary Women Child Development, Director, Chairperson, State Social Welfare Board, Chairman Women Commission were the dignitaries of the function.


In order to full its mission objectives and provide to more opportunities to the persons with disabilities their family and community this institution continued to extent guidance and support service of the persons with disabilities and human resource development.


National Trust Awareness Camp was being organised by Open Learning System, the State Nodal Agency Centre, Orissa in our institution as dated 24.01.2008. 54 Staffs, NGO Representative were aware about Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple disabilities.


This institution was accriditated by Rehabilitation Council of India & Bangalore University for conducting the PGDCBR course during the year 2003-04.


Rehabilitation council of India and Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University has accriditated to this institution for conducting of foundation course on the children with disabilities during the year 2002-03. Since this programme in running smoothly.


During this year this organisation have already submitted the proposal to Indira Gandhi Open University for conducting Awareness cum Training Package in Disability for Parents and Family Members.


Creation of awareness is the Motto of the institution. During this year a booklet about the causes, prevention and benefits of Persons with Disabilities were published in Regional language and distributed to the public on the occasion of International Day for the disabled. Awareness Package of Poster were prepared and displayed in the function for wide circulation. For Awareness the International day for the disabled, District Level and State Level competition were organised. The Annual Report has published.


One of the crucial functions of the voluntary organisation Bhairabi Club to monitor the utilisation of funds disbursed by the Govt. of India Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment for the maintenance of Persons With Disabilities. In order to ensure that the budget allocated under the Deen Dayal Upadhaya Scheme for disabled for maintenance of Special School for the Multiple Handicapped run by Bhairabi Club are utilized in the desired and prescribed manner. The details of income and expenditure are given below. During the year under report the project Special School for the multiple handicapped received Rs. 8,74,780.00 from the Govt. of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, New Delhi as grant-in-aid. There is an opening balance of Rs. 807.00 an amount of Rs. 1,45,396.00 was contributed and advanced/ loan received for maintenanced of the project of Rs. 2,91,593.00 by the implementing organisation Bhairabi Club and Bank interest Rs. 28.00 amount total income Rs. 13,12,604.00

Out of the total amount Rs. 6,59,100.00 was spent for honorarium of staffs. Fooding expenses of student Rs. 4,14,000.00, Contingencies Rs. 82,800.00, Conveyance of   Rs. 65,910.00, House Rent 90,000.00 and Cash in hand Nil and Cash at bank Rs. 794.00.


In a short span of time Bhairabi Club/ Bhairabi Special School for the Multiple Handicapped has made in roads in several direction and has been growing from strength to strength. Rehabilitation of the Persons With Disabilities is a challenging task much has been done. So much remains to be done. Keeping the challenge of rehabilitation of the Persons with Disabilities we planned to start.

» Home based rehabilitation programme for the physically and mentally challenged persons.

» Pre-school and Early Intervention and Training.

» Seminars/ Workshops/ Rural camps.

» Vocational Training for school students

» Survey Identification, Awareness and Sensitization.

» Special School for Cerebral Palsy and Autism.

» Awareness Programme on Parents of PWDs.

» B. Ed. (SE-DE) for Mentally and Visually challenged

» Inclusive Education for the Persons With Disabilities.

» Construction special school building.

» The work ahead is challenging but we will continue to strive to seek to find and will never field.

» An individual is rated by Society by virtue of his contribution to self, family and community. People strive to achieve this by exerting their best efforts, which determines the quality of life. The Persons with disabilities are not excluded in this endeavour.


As citizens of this country we remind our selves about our vision & responsibilities and role in the struggle for human rights.





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                                                Mass Education Department.

                                                Orissa Primary Education Authority.

                                                Health & Family Welfare Department.

                                                District Collector, Khurda.

                                                District Social Welfare Officer.


Autonomous Agencies                National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped,


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University                                 Madhay Pradesh Bhoja Open University.

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Training Centre                         Training Centre for Teachers of Deaf

                                               Training Centre for Teachers of Visually Handicapped

                                               Training Centre for Teachers of Mentally Retarded



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