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The “Right to Information Act. – a new legislcetion passed in parliament in 2005. The Act. empowers a citizen to question to Govt. & NGO and other civil society organisation about implementation of scheme and their in expenditure and protect his rights to access information. This Act. focus on the issues of right of citizens on the transparency, openness and accountability especially with regard to the public administration and maintenance.

In view of all the above fact Bhairabi Club felt the head to organize as orientation workshop for the staff of Bhairabi Club on Right Information Act. 2005. This workshop was organised during the month of March 2007. This organisation also appointed appellate authority, Public Information Officer & Assistant Public Information Officer for the purpose.


A one-day Orientation Programme was organised in the Premises of Bhairabi Club to orient the local youth towards Road Safety. When we keep the newspapers we can seen that so many accident occur in roads. This is happen due to ignorant about the rules of road and riding principle. During this year one orientation training on Road Safety was organize in the campus of Bhairabi Club about 50 local youth in the participate the programme.


A good library and reading room is established in the institution since 1977. The Ministry of HRD, Department of culture, New Delhi provides the assistance for strengthening of the Library. The Raja Ram Mohan Ray has been providing the books and furniture for the development of the Library. During the year 2006-07 about 263 books worth of Rs. 18,129.00 were supplied to the Library by Raja Ram Mohon Roy Library foundation.


This institution maintains an extensive service library, which is stocked with renewed publications manuals, journals and books in the field of rural development, social welfare, Information Technology & Social Defence, Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, Consumer Welfare, Govt. Schemes and rehabilitation and literature of traditional epics, novel and allied disciplines.


This institute published Annual Report regularly. In addition to the above published a Report Bhairabi Club at a glance and different sensitization Leaf let & Poster an disability issue, water & sanitation programme, Drug & Prevention Programme, Consumer Rights. Scheme and benefits of disabilities.


To meet the organisation matching contribution in various welfare projects run by this organisation and for the other administration expenditures, this organisation raising the funds from Agriculture, Pisci-culture, Horticulture, Agarabati unit, Diary, Polutry, Candle making unit, Hiring of Bus, subscription and donations etc. This organisation also participated various exhibitions for selling of Production Materials.


In order enrich the competency in and skills and enlarge the knowledge base conceptual skills and horizon. The staff members are deputed to various training programmes, conference, seminar and workshops. The details are given below.


In a short span of time, the Institution Bhairabi Club has made in roads in several directions, much have been done. So much more remains to be done. Realizing the need of integrated programme for the Persons With Disabilities, Construction of   Special School Building, Purchase/ Fitting & Distribution of Aids & Appliances for the Persons With Disabilities, Creche Centre for Swadhar Shelter, Prevention of Trafficking, Rescue & Rehabilitation, Re-integration of Trafficking, VTC for OBC, Targeted Intervention for migrant labour, Capacity Building & Skill up-gradation Training Programme for BPL Youth, Capacity Building Programme for Self-employment of Persons with Disabilities have been pending with Govt. of India, Govt. of Orissa. If God willing we will able to be launching the above Programme in the coming year 2008-2009.


More over we have also proposed to implement the project on community development, Home Based Training Programme, Half Way Home, Survey and Identification of Persons with Disabilities, Community Based Rehabilitation Programme, Women and Child Development Programme in the interior part of Orissa and also Khurda district. Bhairabi Club hopes for the neglected and poor and Other Backward Classes of the community would stand up for themselves and improve the quality of rural life. We hope this institution will be a nationwide organisation keeping its objectives, sanctity and perfection of sincerity, regularity, fraternity, harmony, honesty and truthfulness soon.


Further we indebted our thanks to the authority and all of them who have cooperated all such as going programme in a best way and right way. Lastly we congratulate to all staffs & member of the Governing Body of our institutions which dedicate work to reach the institution at this juncture.


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